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“I help men and women 45 and over stop arthritis hand pain and become more active again so they can feel younger and more confident without relying on pills or temporary treatments that don’t last”

There’s nothing that can impede a healthy and active lifestyle more than having issues with chronic pain.  It can cause fatigue, headaches, difficulty moving and inability to sleep.  It can make you less productive, more irritable and stressed as well.

Even when having insurance, the outrageous deductibles and co-pays imposed by insurance companies can make relief seem financially out of reach.

The other problem is that well-meaning doctors and healthcare practitioners may be able to identify bones and muscles, but they don’t know how to fix these problems.

So, they just resort to prescribing pills, which just masks the symptoms and upsets the body.

This may already sound very familiar to you…

If you have seen a doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist in the past and just didn't get the results you were looking for or are still having pain, it's not your fault.

Fixing your pain goes beyond identifying muscles and joints involved.  There is much more to consider to allow for all-natural treatment of your pain.

Sadly, some health practitioners don't want you to get completely better so you will become dependent on their services and have to keep coming to them and spending money.

Who am I?

I’m a licensed pain relief and fitness specialist, and I’ve helped countless people gain a new lease on life.

My mission is to end chronic pain, one person at a time, so they can be active, pain free, and the best version of themselves. 

About the author

Douglas Fischer

Douglas Fischer

He has helped over 1000 people be free from arthritis hand pain without drugs, all naturally.

Optimize Therapy and Fitness

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